Carpet Tile

  Carpet tile is taking a large share of the commercial market.  Why? If traditional 12 foot wide broadloom becomes damaged or badly stained the carpet usually has to be replaced whereas with carpet tile only the damaged or stained carpet tile needs to be changed.  Carpet tile has evolved to where the new designs and sizes are endless.  Come in to see carpet tiles and carpet planks in beautiful styles and colors. Ask us to show how the look of an area can be transformed by simply placing the carpet tile in a monolithic, quarter turn, brick, or multi-directional pattern.


  Carpet tile is perfect for home offices, basements, commercial offices, and numerous other high-traffic areas. When a single carpet tile or an area of the floor gets soiled or damaged, a professional carpet installer is not required to pull up those particular tiles and replace them. Ask us about “release adhesive.”


  We carry in stock thousands of square feet of carpet tile in numerous styles and colors. Oaktree has new carpet tile starting at $1.99 sq ft, and gently used at $1.33 sq ft.