Commercial vinyl floors are manufactured to perform well in high traffic areas.  The wear layer or top layer are often enhanced with high quality urethane, silver nano to inhibit bacteria growth, clear or colored PVC chips or granules. There are a number of different products, sheet vinyl, safety floor, aqua floor, etc. manufactured for specific applications. 


  We have installed commercial vinyl in commercial kitchens, cafeterias, senior housing, schools and numerous other places where a sanitary, hard wearing floor is required. Safety floor reduces the chance of slipping due to grease such as a commercial kitchen or wet areas such as showers. Aqua Floor is made for communal shower areas, barrier free showers, etc. Often these products are coved part way up the wall to make the area more sanitary and easier to clean. You have probably seen this coving in hospitals main corridors and operating rooms.


  We often have some of this material in stock in limited colors, often this product is ordered directly from the manufacturer with approximately seven to ten days for shipping.

Commercial Vinyl