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4. Installation

3. Pay your balance

2. Set up a measure

1. Choose your flooring

Select from our in-stock or order in products, get a quote based on approximate square footage and put down a small deposit.

Call one of our designated installers and set up an exact measure of your space.

Minus your deposit from the material total and pay in full-

in-store or over the phone.

If we are installing your product, our professional team of installers will pick up your material from our store and complete the installation in 1-2 days.


Does Oaktree carry all types of flooring?

Yes, we are a full service flooring store. We carry carpet, carpet tile, linoleum, hardwood, laminate, vinyl plank, vinyl tile, ceramic tile, cork flooring, and more.


What grades of flooring does Oaktree carry?

We carry “Builder grade” and upper end flooring in various styles and colors and because we deal directly with all the major manufacturers, we have excellent prices.


Who purchases flooring from Oaktree?

Because we have a great selection of all types of flooring in stock at excellent prices, we sell a lot of our flooring to contractors, renovators and property management companies. This excellent selection and pricing is also available for homeowners.


Do you offer installation services?

Yes we do. Not only do we have installation available on all of our products, we offer these services at 0% mark-up! This means you pay us for the material, and pay the installer separately after the job is completed. We can still quote you on both material and install in-store and please remember if you use one of our installers, Oaktree is responsible for the quality of installation.


How does a typical process go, from choosing the product to install?

When you come into Oaktree, our goal is to help you find the best product for your job. After choosing, we will write you a quote based on approximate square footage, ask for a deposit based on the size of the job, and send an installer out to measure your space. After, we receive the exact square footage from the installer, we will cut or prepare your material to have the installer pick it up and finish the job the date you organized with him.  If you choose to install the flooring yourself or have somebody else do the install we will have your material ready for pick up on the specified date.


What if I put a deposit down, the installer measures my space, but I don’t end up wanting to go with Oaktree for my flooring?

In this case, we will refund your deposit, minus $50. The $50 goes to the installer for his time to measure your space. Plain and simple!


What if I have a quote that comes in lower, from another flooring store?

Because we are so confident in our prices, we are proud to match or beat a comparable quote on material, underlay and installation.


Do you offer warranty on your products?

ALL of our products have manufacturers warranties. Most of them are labeled directly on the product samples. Feel free to ask any of our staff about warranties on specific products and we will be pleased to provide the warranties in writing.


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