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Engineered Hardwood in Calgary - Your Stylish Alternative

How Oaktree Can Help You With Engineered Hardwood in Calgary

At Oaktree Carpets & Flooring, we know that homeowners and business owners want to enjoy the feel and look of natural wood in their properties - but they might struggle with paying too much for it. As part of our commitment to our services, products and values, we are happy to offer a cost-effective alternative that provides all the aesthetic appeal that comes with hardwood floors. We’re offering engineered hardwood as part of our flooring selection. 


With its similar look on the surface, engineered hardwood is made from a relatively thin layer of hardwood bonded over a layer of high-quality plywood. Despite its design, it is strong and contains many high-performance qualities. By offering high-quality and top-of-the-line engineered hardwood in Calgary, we can cater to those looking for wood flooring that is somewhat less expensive than solid hardwood. 

What Are The Benefits of Calgary Engineered Hardwood? 

If you are wondering why you should invest in engineered hardwood flooring, there are plenty of benefits that can convince you. Despite being a cost-effective alternative, engineered hardwood is durable and offers many high-performance qualities, including moisture and warping prevention. They’re also significantly easy to maintain and care, requiring little effort to ensure they look good. 


Significantly, they enhance the appearance of homes and properties. The quality is reflected in the style and colors available, so they work perfectly for elevating a classic style in homes, or a modern look in offices. They’re also easy to install and do not require extensive work, which is made easier with Oaktree’s installation services. 

Our Selection of Engineered Hardwood in Calgary Stands Apart

At Oaktree, we are proud of our large selection of engineered hardwood in Calgary. We know that homeowners, business owners, property managers and builders, all have different ideas and designs they want to incorporate into their properties. As such, we have worked hard to provide our customers with an exceptional list of engineered hardwood options that can meet their needs. 


We have over 30 different types of engineered hardwood options available at our showroom, all available in various patterns, colors and wood styles. Some of our most popular options include Antique Perspective (available in White Oak, Hickory & Buckwheat), Cabin (including Oak Barrel & Walnut Natural), Venetian Flair (Maple & Hickory) and Crafters Mission (Maple)! Each floor has its own unique blend and color, designed to transform any property in Calgary.

Get Calgary Engineered Hardwood Installation With Us

Why go elsewhere for engineered hardwood installation when we can do it for the lowest price on your complete job? Our installers are highly trained, experienced and knowledgeable to handle all types of projects across Calgary. Whether for large homes, small businesses, or anything in between, our installers can execute the service to the highest standards in the industry. 


Once you place your order for your engineered hardwood floors, our installers will lock in a time to take exact measurements of your space or home. When your order arrives, we’ll organize a time for installation that suits you best. On the day, our team will answer any questions you have while installing your floors within one to two days. Before you know it, you’ll have brand new engineered hardwood floors in your home or office. And only with Oaktree can you experience that high level of service. 

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