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Carpet Store in Calgary - Experience Quality At Its Finest

Why Oaktree Stands Out From Other Calgary Carpet Stores

At Oaktree Carpets and Flooring, we offer our customers an extensive variety of high-quality carpeting flooring materials. Our mission is to provide quality carpets for homeowners and builders so that they can elevate the status and value of their properties. As carpets remain an in-demand product that is loved by all, we strive to provide only the best of the best for our clients, while remaining competitively priced. 


Our carpets can truly accent any interior space, add value to any property and bring that cozy atmosphere to life. It’s great for just about any room in the home, particularly the living room, family room, bedrooms and dining room. It doesn’t matter what you need carpets for, as Calgary’s leading carpet store, we can help you with selecting and installing your new carpet flooring. 

Why Invest in Carpets in Calgary?

Why choose carpet flooring? There are many reasons why homeowners and builders choose carpets over other forms of flooring. Firstly, they are a significant investment that pays dividends in the long-term. They also liven up the property through their artistic designs, adding a level of style and quality to your home. 


Apart from being attractive and decorative, carpets are fantastic for insulation, keeping the heat in homes during the winter months. Our carpets are also durable, can protect your floorboards, are resistant to wear and tear, and require minimal maintenance. They also bring a measure of safety and stability by helping to prevent slips and reduce the impact of falls.

Overall, carpets are a valuable addition to your home that is well worth the investment.

Our Calgary Carpet Store Guarantees Quality

Unlike other carpet stores in Calgary NE, we believe that variety is key for customers getting what they want. It’s why we carry every style of carpet available, directly from manufacturers. We have a huge selection of in-stock carpets to choose from, including berbers, cut pile, short shags, saxonies, level loops, and multi-level loops, all designed for residential properties. 


We only store the highest-grade carpets, thereby guaranteeing quality and assurances for your investment. You’ll know that our carpets are made to last and will deliver years of quality. We have large quantities of carpets available at our store. If you are looking for a particular style or color that we do not carry in stock, you can select it from our large showroom and place an order. We’ll notify you when we receive it. 

Fast & Effective Installation Direct From Our Carpet Store in Calgary

As your one-stop carpet store in Calgary, we don’t just offer you a wealth of stunning carpets; we provide you with fast and effective installation services. Our installers are highly-trained, qualified and have decades of experience in installing carpets in small and large homes. Regardless of the outlay of your property, they can provide you with a beautiful finish to your project. Oaktree stands behind all our work of our installers and guarantees it will be done correctly the first time around. If any situations or problems arise, our team will sort it out for you.

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