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Tile Store in Calgary - Everything You Need

Oaktree Versus Other Tile Stores in Calgary

Tiles are one of the most common and in-demand flooring options in the world. Every home and every office has tiles. Whether part of the furnishing on walls, ceilings or floors, or used for specific rooms, such as bathrooms, laundries and kitchens, tiles are an essential flooring addition. It’s why Oaktree Carpets & Flooring is proud to offer a wide selection of tiles in different materials. 


Functional and stylish, tiles can suit all budgets and personal tastes. We make sure that all the products we collect in our tile store in Calgary are of the highest quality, guaranteeing to enhance any property while performing at a high-level. If you are looking for a smart investment that will bring a higher ROI, then you can’t go around with tiles.  

Invest in Tiles at Our Calgary Tile Flooring Store

Unlike other tile stores in Calgary NE, we know that the more informed you are about our products, the happier you will be with your choice. 


Tiles help with acoustics and soundproofing while requiring minimal maintenance. They’re easy to clean, as all you need is a basic routine cleaning process to ensure they remain in top condition and look fantastic. As moisture and scratch-resistant, they’re ideal for numerous rooms in the home or office and are allergen reducing, unlike carpets. If damages do occur, they’re repairable and easy to replace. 


Significantly, depending on the material you choose, tiles can be cost-effective. The better the material, the more you have to pay, but considering the lifespan and quality, it is a worthwhile investment. 

Check Out Our Large Selection At Our Tile Store in Calgary 

At Oaktree, we can guide you in choosing a tile that will complete your home or commercial project. We have access to a large selection of tiles available in natural stone, ceramic, porcelain and vinyl. The natural beauty of tiles will create a custom look in any home, kitchen and office.


With endless style and design options, you’ll find the perfect tiles with us. Our team will help narrow down your search, providing information on the best tiles for your renovations. From kitchen to living spaces, we can help with any design. 


It’s all part of our process for providing you with superior customer service. Experience it for yourself when you visit us. 

We Offer Tile Installation at Our Calgary Tile Flooring Store 

Unlike other tile stores in Calgary, we offer installation services to ensure that your tiles are properly installed in your property. We work on a simple system: you choose your ideal tiles while we take exact measurements of your space or property. You place your order, and once we receive them, we’ll book an appointment to have them installed in your property.


During the installation day, our team will be polite, friendly and informative. We’ll execute the installation to your exact specifications and ensure that you’re left 100% satisfied with the team. Where else can you get a store that gives you both a large selection of tiles and the installation services to match them? Only at Oaktree! 

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