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Carpet in Living Room

Area Rugs in Calgary
That Will Enhance Your Space

What Are Calgary Area Rugs?

An area rug is an exquisite and beautiful addition that can enhance your home or office. Laying it over hardwood floors or wall-to-wall carpet will add a level of comfort and style to your inner sanctum. 

Hugely popular for homeowners and businesses alike, Oaktree Carpets and Flooring offers an extensive array of stunning area rugs in Calgary, made from the finest materials on the market. We are ready to add a level of quality to your property with our excellent selection of area rugs.

Why Buy Area Rugs in Calgary?

Area rugs have a unique way of bringing together all of the elements of a room. You can use it with numerous colours and decors to create a particular ambience and atmosphere. It's a little addition that can make a huge impact on your home or office.  


As well as being stylistically enticing and enhancing, benefits of area rugs extend far beyond style and aesthetic appeals. Area rugs can provide comfort (especially over hardwood floors or tiles), absorbing the impacts of your footsteps and taking pressure off your body. They're also fantastic for warmth (especially during the cold Calgary winters), and can significantly decrease the noise in your space. You can experience all these benefits when investing in our high-quality area rugs. 

Providing You With Best Area Rugs in Calgary

As part of our mission to provide quality products to our customers, as well as ensuring we meet their functional and stylistic needs, we carry a vast selection of area rugs in Calgary. We have different styles of rugs, bound and ready to go from our showroom. Our range includes short and long shag, patterned, solid, striped, floral, geometric and plenty more. Our products are available in 12' x 15' and smaller sizes, as well as custom sizes, if requested. 


All our area rugs are made with the highest-quality materials, thereby guaranteeing quality for you for years to come. It's all part of our desire to offer customers value and quality for their money. 

Enjoy Customer Support When Shopping For Area Rugs in Calgary

We understand that it can be challenging to find the right area rugs for your home or office. That's why our team will make it easy for you, as our customer experience is second to none. We pride ourselves on ensuring our customers are satisfied with their choices. 


Our representatives will help narrow down your search, understand your needs and make sure you're happy with your choice. We can even help with measurements so that your area rugs will fit perfectly into your home or office. 


If you need area rugs in Calgary, coupled with exceptional customer service and high-quality, valuable area rugs, Oaktree is the local store you can trust.

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