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Commercial Carpets in Calgary That Will Empower Your Business

Invest in Commercial Carpets in Calgary

Commercial carpets are on the top of the list of renovations and accessories for businesses. With brilliant design selections, practical acoustic qualities and plenty of other advantages, carpets can be a wise and significant investment that pays off for years. As experts in all things carpets, Oaktree Carpets and Flooring can provide you with commercial carpets in Calgary that truly magnifies your workplace. 


From our experience, selecting the right commercial carpet for your office, warehouse, or workplace requires extensive research and work. We’ll eliminate all that stress and worries by helping you with a complete service. From selecting commercial carpets to aiding with installation, Oaktree is your team for all your commercial carpet needs.

Why Buy Calgary Commercial Carpets

There are many benefits that come with investing in commercial carpets in Calgary. There is an aesthetic appeal that can improve your office, provide comfort and support to employees, and elevate the atmosphere of your property. It will add a level of professionalism and sophistication to your business, enhancing the reputation of your business in the process.  


Carpets will also increase the value of your business and reduce your energy costs during the winter. Coupled with our high-quality carpets, our products are made to be durable and are worth the long-term investment. 

Only The Best Calgary Commercial Carpets

Oaktree understands that each business has its own unique style and decor. It also wants to portray its own image to prospective customers. Therefore, to live up to our high standards, we are proud to showcase a large selection of commercial carpets in Calgary. 


We offer carpet tile or traditional twelve-foot wide broadloom carpets, that are available in a variety of different styles, colours and patterns. Our products are made with durable materials, including superior nylon yarns that are suitable for medium, heavy or severe foot traffic. 


Our team of customer representatives can help you choose a carpet that will bring out the best in your business. Just ask our team about our in-stock commercial carpets, or place an order for an online order today! 

Let Us Install Your Commercial Carpets in Calgary  

As your one-stop carpet store in Calgary, we not only just offer amazing, high-quality commercial carpets, we also provide fast and effective installation services.


Our installers are well-trained, experienced and knowledgeable in all forms of commercial carpets. They have the skills and ability to handle your installation regardless of the size, industry and specifications of your business. Our installation process is uniquely defined and simple to follow. We can administer and execute your installation within two to three days. We’ll also provide you with information on how you can maintain your commercial flooring in Calgary for years to come. 

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