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How to Estimate the Amount of Flooring You Need | Oaktree Carpets & Flooring

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

As a flooring store in Calgary, one thing that we have to do quite often is estimate the amount of flooring for a home or building. Luckily, the measurement is a simple area measurement wherein you multiply the length by the width of each room and total them all. It’s very straightforward in most rooms, but there are definitely some tips we wish we had had from the start.

These tips are exactly what our Calgary flooring store is going to share with you in this article. We look at three simple tips to keep in mind as you measure your house to make the process simpler, easier and faster. Let’s begin.

Three Area Measurements from Your Favourite Calgary Flooring Store

Divide Irregular Shaped Rooms into Rectangles or Squares

If you have L-shaped rooms or other strange configurations, you don’t need to get out the rhombus area formulas or anything complicated like that. Instead, simply divide the room into smaller squares or rectangles that you can add together for a complete measurement.

Round Partial Inch Measurements Up

Accuracy is the key to a successful floor installation, that’s for sure. When trying to get a complete area measurement, though, it’s more than okay to round up any partial inch measurements, like ¼” or ⅞” or what have you. You want to avoid rounding down, as this will likely result in you being just a bit shy in material.

Divide Inches by 12 for Total Amount

Once you have all your room measurements, you can make the math a bit simpler by converting everything into the same measurements. Take all your partial inch measurements, divide them by 12 and then add that number to your length or width measurement. Only afterwards should you do your area calculations.

Visit Oaktree Carpets for Amazing Selection and Style

Once your measurements are complete, you’ll likely want to get a quote from a flooring store in Calgary. Conveniently, Oaktree Carpets and Flooring offers free quotes, so contact us today for a great selection of quality flooring products.


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